Let me say this! This is my GO TO skin product for everything. I use it on my body and MY FACE! Let me repeat . . . ON MY FACE. It has all of the quality and texture of a HIGH END serum but NONE of the endocrine disruptors or animal by-products of cosmetic industry serums, creams or whatever . . . . This is the best product on the market I have ever used.
Skin MD Natiral™ – 4 oz bottle
I have dry skin, but I absolutely hate the feel of lotion on my body or hands. I live in the South, where heat and humidity turns body lotion into a slippery mess the moment you start to sweat. I have never liked the feeling of lotion on my hands, either. Skin MD Natural is different from any lotion that I have ever used. Within a minute of applying it, I can’t even tell that I put lotion on, but my skin feels soft and healthy.

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